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The idea for Accidental It Girl began, in it's very
earliest form, when I saw a report on
Entertainment Tonight
about John F. Kennedy, Jr.  (That should give you some idea
how long it took to go from first spark to final product!)  
The report detailed an exchange between JFK, Jr. and a
pushy paparazzi taking his photograph in Central Park.  
JFK, Jr. went and got a camera and hounded the paparazzi
right back.  

I wondered what would happen if a celebrity really decided
to take this to
the extreme and tried to give the paparazzi
a taste of his--or in the case of our story--
her own

This idea lived in a small corner of my brain and over time
little pieces were added.  Things like Ethan Wyatt's
personality, why he was subject to the paparazzi's
scrutiny, how he and Sadie interact, her family history
began to accumulate bit by bit.
When we signed on for Happiness Sold
, Simon & Schuster offered us a
two-book deal.  We gave them a summary of
three or four ideas that we'd been kicking
around and our editor at the time chose the
story of Ethan and Sadie as their top pick.

So, Sarah and I got to work on turning our
very rough outline into a real story.  It
took about a year from the time we signed on
with Simon & Schuster.  The tiny spark of an
idea that I had in my basement apartment in
college was a real, finished novel.  -- Emily
When the initial idea sparked, I thought
Sadie and Ethan's story would make a great
movie.  So, when the book was finished I
decided to give it a try and write the
film version.

The result turned out to be good enough to
make the finals in the comedy screenplay
competition at the Austin Film Festival.  
It even caught the interest of a Hollywood
producer or two.  We briefly had a
director attached.  But, as with so many
film projects, things fizzled and, so far,
Accidental It Girl has gone unproduced.  

We still think it's a movie that people
would enjoy.  Sarah and I are both suckers for romantic comedies, and we know there
are other girls like us out there who would love a big-screen Ethan Wyatt.

So, we thought we'd share our favorite scenes from Accidental It Girl the movie with
you here
.  If you have the book, and are so inclined, you could compare the scenes in
the book and the s
cript.  (As a side note, if you are so inclined, you may have a
little too much time on your hands.)                                   -- Emily
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